RHI Scandal

Ó Muilleor ‘disappointed’ at delay in RHI inquiry he set up

The man who set up the RHI inquiry has said that he is disappointed that hearings will not begin until November.

The inquiry hearings are being held in Parliament Buildings

Civil servants’ request for addition RHI inquiry rights rejected

Eight civil servants who had some involvement with the RHI scheme have applied to be given additional rights at the public inquiry but had their requests rejected, it has emerged.

RHI Inquiry Chairman, the Right Honourable Sir Patrick Coghlin.  Pic Colm Lenaghan/Pacemaker

RHI public inquiry delayed after amassing 880,000 pages of evidence

The public inquiry into the Renewable Heat Incentive has amassed a vast body of evidence which now stands at 880,000 pages, delaying the first public evidence session as lawyers work through the material.

Fred Maxwell, one of the farmers who is facing a huge shortfall since the cut in RHI payments

RHI: The untold story of farmers’ desperation amid stigma and debt

The sudden decision to retrospectively slash the terms of the RHI scheme has left many legitimate users facing financial ruin, with some farmers facing the prospect of losing virtually everything they own, the News Letter has been told.

The public inquiry into the RHI scheme is due to begin public hearings in October

RHI overspend to be cut – but taxpayers may still pay

The total bill for the RHI scheme will be reduced after a major power plant was excluded from the scheme, it has emerged - but those bill may still be paid by taxpayers, via a different public funding stream.

The Northern Ireland Audit Office report raises multiple concerns about the RHI scheme

Ten RHI boilers running almost every hour of the day as owners cash in

Ten RHI boilers were running for almost all of the year except for the time required to service them, with the owners receiving huge taxpayer-funded payments, auditors have found.

Sir Patrick Coghlin has received a written commitment from the PPS on inquiry evidence

RHI evidence can’t be used against witnesses

Evidence by witnesses before the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) public inquiry in Northern Ireland cannot be used to prosecute them, its chairman said.

Viscount Brookeborough was one of the most first to install a 99kwth boiler in February 2013

RHI scandal: Aristocrats in scheme, but most are modest claimants

Several aristocrats and country estates are among those claiming under the RHI scheme, the list of claimants reveals – but most of the claims are far more modest than the typical claims under the scheme.

Wood pellets

RHI list: Officials withhold 48 claimants’ names

Although the vast majority of the names of non-domestic RHI claimants have been released, details of some major claimants have been withheld – with little explanation as to the reasons for each decision.

Major poultry farmer Tom Forgrave lobbied to delay cost controls

UFU men who lobbied to delay RHI cost controls personally benefited

Two senior Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) figures who were involved in lobbying to delay the introduction of cost controls on the RHI scheme personally benefited from the delay by installing RHI boilers under the unlimited rates available at that time.

Wood pellets

IN FULL: Non-domestic RHI claimant list

The Department for the Economy has today published the full list of individuals and companies who have received more than £5,000 under the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Scheme.

The Treasury is picking up most of the bill for the RHI scheme

Treasury’s low-key approach to costs of RHI scandal ‘peculiar’

The Treasury’s low-key approach to the RHI scandal has been “peculiar”, given that it is bearing most of the costs of the scheme, a former Stormont minister has said.

RHI inquiry chairman Sir Patrick Coghlin (centre) with members of his team

RHI inquiry has no concern over terms for funding witness lawyers

The RHI inquiry has said that it has no concern about the potential for a clause in the legal funding for many key witnesses being used to gag them.

Sir Patrick Coghlin, who is chairing the RHI Inquiry, last week spoke publicly about its work for the first time. Photo Colm Lenaghan/Pacemaker Press

Taxpayers pay for every lawyer at RHI inquiry – at up to £200 an hour

Taxpayers will fund virtually every lawyer at the RHI public inquiry at rates of up to £200 an hour, the News Letter can reveal.

Solicitor John McBurney, pictured in 2011 while representing the family of Chief Superintendent Harry Breen at the Smithwick Tribunal in Dublin

RHI inquiry: One solicitor representing 10 from DUP high command

Ten senior DUP figures are to be represented at the RHI inquiry by one prominent solicitor, the News Letter can reveal.

M�irt�n O Muilleoir didn't put any cost controls on the RHI inquiry.
 Photograph by Presseye/Cameron  Hamilton

SF minister put no cost controls on inquiry into absence of RHI cost controls

When the then Sinn Fein finance minister Máirtín Ó Muilleoir set up the RHI inquiry in January he told the Assembly that it could have its report published within six months.

Sir Patrick Coghlin (centre) speaking at a preliminary hearing of the RHI inquiry.
Photo Colm Lenaghan/Pacemaker Press

Cash for ash public inquiry amassing vast body of evidence

The public inquiry into the ‘cash for ash’ scandal has already served scores of notices compelling individuals and organisations to hand over a vast pile of documentation – almost all of which will be published, it has revealed.

Press Eye Belfast - Northern Ireland 12th January 2017

General view of Stormont in east Belfast as meetings continue over the crisis at the Assembly caused by the Renewable Heat Incentive scandal.

Picture by Jonathan Porter/Press Eye

Sam McBride: An inquiry not just into RHI, but into the entire Stormont system

Ostensibly, the inquiry into the RHI scandal is an investigation of a hugely embarrassing episode but one which is limited to just one area of government.

Sir Patrick Coghlin chairs the RHI inquiry

IN FULL: Statement by RHI Inquiry Chairman

Statement by the RHI Inquiry Chairman, the Rt Hon Sir Patrick Coghlin, at the Preliminary Hearing on Thursday 27 April 2017 at the Long Gallery, Parliament Buildings, Stormont

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