UKIP success ‘template for politics in NI’

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage
UKIP Leader Nigel Farage

NORTHERN Ireland’s sole UKIP assembly member David NcNarry believes his party’s success in the English council elections, can be replicated here.

He said the significance of the surge in UKIP votes was “not just for the UK as a whole but for us here in Northern Ireland too”.

“People are fed up with the old parties who are, quite simply, not delivering for them.

“This has broken the monopoly on power of the old parties – aptly described this week as the “LibDemConLab donkey.”

“When people get the chance, the same can be true here in Northern Ireland as well.”

The former UUP MLA added: “I am also sure this is the template for change here in Northern Ireland as well.

“Politics must achieve something for people and not just be the dead weight of inactivity and mismanagement which characterises the old parties here.”