UUP man’s explosive image withdrawn

Election Diary 2014
Election Diary 2014

An ‘explosive’ picture featuring UUP candidates in Lurgan has been removed from social media sites.

The doctored image featured the politicians walking with an explosion in the background at Rushmere Shopping Centre and Councillor Colin McCusker sporting a large moustache.

The doctored image which appeared on social media.

The doctored image which appeared on social media.

It was based on the Portadown man’s nomination photo that was circulated last week. The doctored version appeared on social media courtesy of Mr McCusker himself, but not everyone saw the funny side given Northern Ireland’s history.

Mr McCusker told the Lurgan Mail: “I was prepared to have a laugh at my own expense, but I appreciate that some people didn’t see it that way.”

The creator of the image, Matthew Gray, said: “If I’d known it would get this much publicity I’d have made more effort.”

Villiers gives backing to NI Conservatives

Theresa Villiers was in Belfast yesterday to launch the NI Conservatives’ European and local government election campaigns.

The party’s European candidate in Northern Ireland, Mark Brotherston, welcomed the Secretary of State’s support, and said they were focused on bringing jobs and prosperity to the Province.

Mr Brotherston said: “I’m the only candidate in Northern Ireland who can bring about a referendum on Europe and the only candidate who can be part of the influential Conservative Party group of MEPs at Brussels.”

Ms Villiers described Mr Brotherston as “a top-class candidate” and said the NI Conservatives have “stood up for the interests of Northern Ireland, and the whole of the UK, in Europe”.

She added: “None of the other local parties will ever be in the position to change the EU in this way.”

“The NI Conservatives are fielding an excellent team for the local government elections. They will focus on bringing prosperity to Northern Ireland and I know that, if they are elected, they will do an excellent job.”

Tuesday deadline to register to get your vote

For those who are not registered to vote ahead of the May 22 polls, there is still time – albeit very little.

The deadline is midnight on Tuesday, May 6, and the Electoral Commission is recommending that, with time so tight, voters should hand-deliver the forms themselves.

To register, go to the following website: www.aboutmyvote.co.uk .

Click on the words ‘Register to vote’ on the left, and then click on the box marked ‘Live in the UK’.

Type in your postcode, and it will give the location of your nearest area electoral office.

The website will also allow you to download a form which can be printed off, filled in and taken to the correct office before midnight on Tuesday.