Pope should stay out of Falklands row - Ian Paisley

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IAN Paisley has said the new Pope should stay out of the Falklands row.

Writing in Friday’s News Letter, the former First Minister highlighted Pope Francis view that the Falklands should be returned to Argentina.

“This first Jesuit pope from the new world has a lot of old problems to be getting on with, never mind taking over the Falklands,” said Lord Bannside.

“Pope Francis head-butted the British when he paid tribute to the “usurped” Argentinians who, as he so deftly put it, wanted to “claim the country that is theirs.

“David Cameron responded to the newly elected pope’s remarks by saying he “respectfully” disagreed with the view expressed that the islands had been “usurped” by the UK.

“Perhaps as the new pope looks at the list of old problems needing his attention he thinks it may be an easier option to fight the Brits over the Falklands.”

You can read Ian Paisley’s column here