Protestant pair forced to flee home

A PROTESTANT man has told how he had to flee his home in Rasharkin after a string of sectarian attacks.

Harold Cubitt, 58, and his wife Linda have lived in the village for 25 years but have now left their home at Bamford Park.

But even though they have left the house, the vacant property still came under attack.

Police said they received a report from a member of the public at 7.55am on Saturday that a window was broken at a vacant property at Bamford Park.

They confirmed the Protestant occupants moved out in recent days after several sectarian attacks.

Mr Cubitt fled the house the previous Wednesday and he has told of his disgust that even though he no longer is in the house, it still can't be left alone.

"I had to leave as I got sectarian abuse for several years and there were a number of attacks on the house and cars. Windows were broken and it was constant," he said.

"It has cost me a fortune to move house. But even at the end they could not leave the house alone.

"I left sooner than expected and maybe those who attacked the house at the weekend thought I was still there."

Mr Cubitt was born just three miles outside Rasharkin and his wife was born and reared in the village.

He said he has been targeted for no other reason than he is a Protestant.

Mr Cubitt said he received no contact from Catholic neighbours or from nationalist politicians.

Meanwhile, police are appealing for calm in Rasharkin ahead of an Independent Orange Order parade next week.

n Republicans were last night being blamed for three attacks on Orange halls in north Antrim in 48 hours.

Glarryford Orange Hall in Co Antrim was daubed with republican graffiti on Sunday night when vandals sprayed "IRA" and "Huns out" on the walls of Dromore Hall on the Duneany Road.

The damage was only reported to police yesterday.

In the early hours of Monday, sectarian slogans were also daubed on an Orange Hall in Rasharkin, the fourth time it has been targeted this year.

And on Monday night a petrol bomb failed to ignite at Tullaghans Orange hall, between Rasharkin and Dunloy.

DUP MLA Mervyn Storey, who is set to meet security minister Paul Goggins regarding the attacks, said: "It is clear that republican elements are determined to turn up the heat in the Rasharkin/Dunloy area of north Antrim."