Protestors target BBC in Belfast over Middle East coverage

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Tuesday evening saw a hundred local activists gathered outside BBC NI’s Ormeau Road office to protest against how the broadcasters had been covering recent tensions in the Middle East.

Protestors alleged that the BBC has operated with a ‘Pro-Israeli bias’ in its recent reporting.

Belfast City Councillor for the People Before Profit party, Gerry Carroll, told the News Letter, “the BBC has failed to deliver an impartial approach. There has been a continued focus on violence against Israelis, whilst they have been silent for years about attacks on Palestinians”.

A large Palestinian flag was draped in front of the BBC NI office during the protest.

Tensions in the Middle East have escalated in recent weeks. The bodies of three Israeli teenagers were found on 30th June, Hamas has been blamed for their murders. Last week, a Palestinian teenager was abducted and burned to death, in what is believed to have been a retaliatory move.

From time to time the BBC takes criticism from both supporters of Israel and the Palestinian areas, both of whom claim to see bias in how it covers events in the region.