PSNI makes position clear on prostitution laws


The PSNI has issued a statement saying its clear position is that it does not support relaxing criminal legislation in relation to prostitution.

Speaking about Lord Morrow’s Bill, which will be heard in the Assembly on Monday, 23 September, ACC Drew Harris said, “The PSNI position is clear in that we do not support the liberalisation of laws in relation to prostitution. We are striving to find better ways to tackle the serious problem of prostitution and human trafficking and are keen to be part of the wider societal debate about how we can collectively minimise harm caused by prostitution.

“Investigations into prostitution and human trafficking are complex in nature but we will review all appropriate measures to reduce harm and risk emanating from prostitution and trafficking”

“PSNI, through the Department of Justice, has given their views in respect of Lord Morrow’s Bill and we are satisfied that these views will be taken into consideration in the development of any future legislation. Having provided input to the consultation, PSNI will respect the role of the Assembly and will be ready to fulfil our responsibility regarding enforcement of any new legislation passed by the Assembly”.