PUP man tells Twaddell protestors political strategy is needed

Loyalists at Camp Twaddell
Loyalists at Camp Twaddell

Those involved in the Twaddell protest have been urged to ensure they are registered to vote in order to have an influence on the next election.

PUP member Johnny Harvey spoke on the 178th day of the protest where Orangemen and their supporters have camped out since their July 12 parade was stopped from completing its journey and passing the Ardoyne shops.

Mr Harvey hit out at the Parades Commission for applying restrictions to the parade and condemned Sinn Fein for what he called a “campaign of hatred against our culture and working-class Protestants”.

He also criticised some Unionist politicians who he said were helping Sinn Fein by remaining silent on the matter.

He said: “As a former member of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, I served with others who fought to protect democracy and freedom across the world. Yet here we have in our own country an unelected quango restricting and limiting freedom of cultural expression. Anyone who supports our campaign is supporting freedom of expression for everyone regardless of their background.

“The Parades Commission has done nothing other than damage community relations, destabilise efforts to consolidate peace, and reward Republicans for sustained violence and blatant sectarianism. Sinn Fein continues its campaign of hatred against our culture and working-class protestants, and they are aided and abetted by many of our own politicians who remain silent.

“However, the campaign here at Twaddell must be accompanied by a sound and co-ordinated political strategy. This starts with ensuring that we are all registered to vote and that we use that vote to support those who are committed to preserving our freedom of expression and challenging those who are determined to destroy our culture and traditions.”