Questions over jobs for migrants

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THE question must be asked: When are working class people in the UK going to wake up to the threat that uncontrolled immigration poses to their livelihoods?

With the bad news of another high street casualty last week, and unemployment still at a high, it seems strange that migrants can still find jobs and many locals cannot.

People have a right to be concerned about this and ask the question: Why is this happening?

Are there employers just going to certain agencies to get employees?

Do these agencies advertise these jobs so that local people can apply?

It seems so unnecessary to bring people to the UK from the other side of Europe when we have the people to fill the jobs.

Latest statistics show that around 600,000 have come to the UK from new EU countries, twice as many as France.

With freedom of movement being opened to Bulgaria and Romania, it does not seem to be going to stop any time soon. The UK seems to be where most immigrants head for.






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