'Real UFF' claim Antrim bomb

A SMALL bomb left outside a house in Antrim has been claimed by a loyalist paramilitary grouping.

The device, which police described as viable, was discovered outside a house in the Fountain Lane area of the town yesterday morning following a telephone warning.

The caller claimed he was a member of a dissident loyalist group called the 'Real UVF'.

Houses in the area had to be evacuated as Army Technical Officers were involved in a day long security operation to make the area safe.

Meanwhile, a security alert in Craigavon yesterday turned out to be an "elaborate hoax".

A suspicious object was discovered lying on the kerb along the Monbrief Road around 10am and the area was closed down until 7pm as Army Technical Officers examined the object.

However, it was found to be an elaborate hoax which may have been there for some time.