‘Arrest threat’ to students ends Coleraine common room sit-in

Enda Boyle and Chloe Gault protesting

Enda Boyle and Chloe Gault protesting

Students who had been occupying a common room at the Coleraine campus of the University of Ulster have ended their protest.

The protestors, who had been there for some three weeks, were attempting to halt plans to redevelop the non-profit dining area which one of them, Dave Campbell, said was being “crushed by a corporate drive”.

Mr Campbell said they had been “given their marching orders” on Thursday night and warned that they faced arrest and possible criminal records if they did not end the sit-in.

“We had been told previously that police weren’t interested and that it was a civil matter,” he said. Mr Campbell said the common room had been going since 1968 and was one of the few remaining places where academics and students could mix.

The university said last week the room would be replaced by “high-quality meeting rooms and teaching facilities” and that a new free staff common room would be opened which would be “more inclusive” than the current one, which has an entry fee.

Last night the university had not returned the News Letter’s calls.




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