Ban on part of Semtex victims’ bedpush will not be reviewed



Victims’ campaigner Willie Frazer has expressed his disappointment that the Parades Commission has refused to review a ban on a bedpush event passing the Ardoyne area on Saturday.

Last week the commission ruled that the fundraiser – being held to enable Semtex victims to progress their claims for compensation from the Libyan government – cannot enter the city centre.

Up to 30 people who have suffered as a result of IRA attacks using explosives supplied by the former Libyan government will walk from the Crumlin Road as planned but will be prevented from passing the Hesketh Road.

“I have offered to stay out of the bedpush, there was going to be no flags – it was just going to be a bedpush with maybe only six victims – but they still said no,” Mr Frazer said.

“We are not calling for people to come out and support us because the last thing we want is for republicans to use the excuse to try and create violence.

“There’s nothing more we could have done to compromise – this [ruling] is quite clearly about Protestants walking this stretch of the road,” he added.

A spokeswoman for the Parades Commission said: “Following the issuing of its determination regarding a notification from the Libya Fund for Justice, the Parades Commission received a request to review its decision by the organiser.

“As set out in its guidelines the commission may review any determination, but only if there is fresh information to consider.”

The spokeswoman said that on this occasion the commission had considered the latest representation, but added: “Although the organiser provided some new information by way of clarification, all substantive and material points had been fully considered by the commission prior to its original determination.

“The commission has, therefore, decided not to review its original determination which remains in place.”




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