CCTV may have film of cathedral bomb suspect

People who were at Christmas Parties were evacuated and waited at Talbot Street on Friday evening.

People who were at Christmas Parties were evacuated and waited at Talbot Street on Friday evening.

Detectives hunting the dissident republicans behind Friday’s bomb attack in Belfast city centre said yesterday they believe a suspect was caught on camera.

The individual is one of a number wanted for questioning over Friday night’s explosion just behind St Anne’s Cathedral, claimed by dissident group Oglaigh na hEireann.

The possible clue emerged after a trawl through CCTV footage from the scene.

As of last night police had not publicly released the image.

It is understood legal issues – one being the apparent young age of the male photographed – may prevent its release.

The announcement was made at a press conference in which chief constable Matt Baggott offered some reassurance to residents.

However, his words came only a short time after two security alerts unfolded in Belfast – and just hours before an apparent incendiary device was found in a shop.

One of the alerts involved a pipe bomb, discovered in a garden in west Belfast’s Glenmeen Close area, which was made safe by Army bomb experts and removed for forensic examination by about 6pm.

And just a short distance from where the press conference was held in City Hall, officers had been called to investigate a suspect package left at bus stop at around lunchtime. A bus driver spotted the suspicious object, but it turned out to be just a cardboard box.

Mr Baggott said the dissidents would not succeed in dragging Northern Ireland back to the past.

“These groups are simply reckless, their actions are despicable,” he said.

“To bring a bomb into a city centre in the lead up to Christmas is beyond belief really, that is why we do need (public help) - any single piece of information could make a difference to us. We are determined to bring these people to justice...We are doing everything we can to keep this city safe, it is very much open for business.”




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