Christmas dinner served up in Camp Twaddell

Twaddell Camp on Christmas Day

Twaddell Camp on Christmas Day

Loyalist protestors at Twaddell Civil Rights camp tucked into their turkey and ham dinners on Christmas Day on site - on day 167 of their ongoing sit-out.

Determined loyalists who refused to take even Christmas Day off were “treated to full Christmas dinners” in their caravan at the north Belfast flashpoint.

Gerald Solinas, a member of the camp committee, said: “All shifts were covered on Christmas Day.

“And full Christmas dinners were served up by one of the volunteers to everyone on duty.

“There were people coming along during the day to bring food and other supplies. Other people came along to show their support.

“It was Christmas and they had a bit of a laugh.

“I think at one stage everybody had about five Christmas puddings sitting because so much food had been sent up.

“A lot of people were dropping in biscuits for us and other supplies to lend their support.

“There was a good mix of people there. I was not there all day.”

Mr Solinas, from the west Belfast UPRG, said the Camp Twaddell is “still going strong”.

“At the parade on Christmas night we had around 120 people which was a surprise given the weather and Christmas festivities and all that.

“That is twice as big a crowd as a normal parade attracts.

“The support and the will is still there for the brethren and bandsmen to complete their 12th of July parade.”

Mr Solinas added that he did not believe “a lot will come out of the Haass talks”.

He added: “I think the critical error Mr Haass made was that be barely engaged with the people on the ground.”

Loyalist campaigners set up the protest camp at Twaddell after the Parades Commission’s decision to stop the parade from completing its traditional Twelfth route earlier this year.

The site is manned on a 24-hour basis.




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