Condemnation after house attacked in Ballymurphy



An attack in which flammable liquid was poured through the window of a house in west Belfast has been condemned as wreckless.

Shortly before 9:20pm on Monday, police received a report that two men approached a house in Mill Race, Ballymurphy with one man armed with a shotgun.

It is believed that a shot was heard and a window was damaged. Accelerant was then poured through a window and set alight. It was also reported that a number of other windows were damaged during the incident.

SDLP Lower Falls Cllr Colin Keenan condemned those behind the gun attack.

“Thankfully there are no reports of injury, but this was a reckless attack, said Councillor Keenan. “There is no justification for what happened and those behind this attack are not wanted in the community.

“No one has the right to act as judge, jury and executioner. This type of activity is madness and it’s only by good fortune that no one was injured.

“I would urge anyone with information about what happened to contact police.”




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