Drugs warning after man dies in Twinbrook

A flat at Thornhill court in Twinbrook where a man has died after taking a suspected

A flat at Thornhill court in Twinbrook where a man has died after taking a suspected "speckled rolex" ecstasy tablet. Photograph:Stephen Hamilton/Presseye.com


Police are urging the public “not to take speckled rolex ecstasy tablets” after one man suspected of taking them died and four others were hospitalised.

On Sunday night one of the four men believed to have taken tablets from the ecstasy batch during a Twinbrook house party remained in the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast in a “stable condition”.

One man, named locally as 42-year-old Gerard Mulholland, died at his Twinbrook flat, where the party was held.

A spokeswoman for the Royal Victoria Hospital said: “The other three men were discharged on Saturday.”

A PSNI spokesman said: “Police are awaiting the results of a post-mortem examination. We urge members of the public not to take speckled rolex ecstasy tablets, any other illegal drug or any drug not prescribed to them.”

According to the Sunday papers the drugs were taken during a 48-hour party in Mr Mulholland’s flat at Thornhill Court.

Paramedics were called to the home around 7.30pm on Friday and Mr Mulholland died at the scene.

Neighbours of Mr Mulholland said he lived alone in the flat with his Doberman dogs.

The DJ played in nightclubs across the Province and was part of an underground sessions team who DJ on internet radio.

This year he started his own record label Dark Energy Records.

Sinn Fein MLA Jennifer McCann said: “This is a terrible tragedy in which one person has lost their life while celebrating over the Christmas period.

“I would appeal to everyone to be careful while enjoying themselves over the Christmas period and not to take anything that is not trustworthy or deemed safe such as illegal substances or proscribed medication.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of this man and I hope the other people make a full recovery.”

SDLP councillor Brian Heading said: “I understand that the police believe speckled rolex tablets may have been taken by those at the party.

“Given the very serious nature of this incident I would urge people who have these drugs in their possession to get rid of them immediately.

“It is clear that whoever may be supplying this drug has no regard whatsoever for human life.

“I would ask the local community to co-operate with the police during the course of this investigation and come forward with any information that may be relevant.”




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