DUP councillor Sammy Brush targeted in 39th “sectarian attack”

DUP councillor Sammy Brush examines the damage on his car

DUP councillor Sammy Brush examines the damage on his car

The 39th “sectarian attack” on the home of 72-year-old DUP councillor Sammy Brush in Co Tyrone “is really affecting me and my wife’s health”.

In the latest incident, at 5am on Saturday morning, the bonnet of his Nissan Micra car, which had been sitting outside his home on Main Street in Ballygawley, was damaged.

“I heard them outside as it was a bang that wakened me,” he said. “I got up and looked out and there was a male on the Main Street with a beer keg rolling it along with his foot. I then phoned the police.”

Mr Brush, who says this is the “39th attack on his home and property” said that “no other vehicle in the town was touched”.

He added: “It is purely sectarian hatred fuelled by alcohol. This is affecting me and my wife’s health.

“Every night we are wakened by noise [from the pub nearby] and then we can’t get to sleep again. We are always afraid of another attack.”

He said he has not been to the doctor since the Saturday morning incident, but said he has sought medical assistance after attacks in the past.

Mr Brush said the previous incident happened around two months ago when “they tried to burst in the backdoor of our home with a beer keg”.

“They did it twice in the one night,” he added. “The police came and went and after they left they came back again.

“But the worst attack we had was the burning of the shed which was about £15,000 damage.

“These attacks have been going on for years and years, ever since the security started to lapse after the Good Friday Agreement.”

Lord Morrow slammed the latest “act of intimidation” against his colleague.

“It is a disgraceful to have to report this latest incident against councillor Brush, who despite a despicable campaign of harassment and intimidation, stoically refuses to be cowed by the faceless thugs involved,” he added.

“It is equally disgraceful that after 39 attacks not one single person has been detected for this deliberate, sectarian campaign.”

Lord Morrow said Mr Brush “has committed his life to public service yet he is repeatedly targeted”.

He said the attacks are “detrimental to his health” which he said was also impacted by a murder attempt. He said that “whilst one attack is to be condemned, 39 is beyond contempt”.

Police now want to speak to two males who were outside licensed premises in the area at around 5am on Saturday. They are appealing for anyone who witnessed the incident or anyone who saw any suspicious activity in the area to contact them on 101.




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