Ex-RUC man says IRA will ‘glory’ in immunity

RUC badge

RUC badge

A former RUC sergeant who suffered serious brain damage in an IRA gun attack says that terrorists will exploit and “glory” in any sort of immunity that will be offered to them after the Haass talks.

Jim Craig, now aged 65, was shot by the IRA in Benburb Street in Belfast in 1979.

“I was a police sergeant and was called out to the report of a burglary but an ambush had been set up across the street.

“Two bullets hit me on the top of the head.”

“I had to learn to walk and talk and put my life together again.

“I was only 30 but I could never again play football, or dance.”

The chief suspect was arrested and questioned but there was not enough evidence to prosecute him.

Cartridges and the weapons were later recovered and he now believes that DNA testing could see his attacker convicted.

“I would be quite happy to see him stand up in court,” he told the Nolan Show.

Mr Craig said he has tried many avenues to advance the investigation into his case, without success.

He believes that the Haass talks will see some sort of immunity for perpetrators.

“Both governments and Haass will back immunity so that these thugs will be given the freedom to bask in the glory of their dirty deeds in years gone by,” he said.

He believes that Attorney General John Larkin’s proposal of drawing a line under all pre-1998 investigations was part of an overall choreography to prepare people for the talks outcome.

“I don’t think there should ever be any immunity,” he said. “If it is going to be brought in then why not offer it for burglary, theft or rape too?

“To murder someone is the most serious crime you can carry out against another person.”

“I appreciate that there was gerrymandering and deplore that. But nothing warranted the terrorist activity.

“In the case of Saville republicans said they only wanted the inquiry so that the families could get answers. But now they are pressing for murder charges against the soldiers too.”




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