Fourteenth attack on soldiers’ memorial sparks renewed call for action

The latest attack

The latest attack

A memorial to three soldiers killed by the IRA has been vandalised – for what is now thought to have been the fourteenth time.

The stone in the White Brae area of Ligoniel, north Belfast, was last night revealed to have been attacked again, mere weeks after the last similar incident.

The News Letter has reported on these attacks – usually involving paint bombs or some other type of vandalism – many times over the past year.

Now the Royal British Legion has said the time has come for real action from nationalist and republican leaders in that neighbourhood.

The most recent incident has seen the memorial left with what appears to be grey paint smeared over it, and the Royal British Legion said this is now the fourteenth such attack it has recorded.

In a statement, the Oldpark/Cavehill branch said the vandals were striking with “nauseating regularity”.

The memorial remembers three Scottish soldiers killed in the area on March 10, 1971.

The statement read: “These continued acts of sectarian vandalism which have been reported to the PSNI as hate crimes clearly demonstrates the hatred that still exists towards anything British in this area.

“The time has come for republican and nationalist political and community representatives to do something within the Ligoniel community to bring this level of sectarianism, hatred and bigotry to an end.

“As has been said on every occasion the memorial has been attacked the officers and members of the Oldpark/Cavehill branch of the Royal British Legion will ensure that as republicans are determined to airbrush out of history the fact that they butchered three young boys on this lonely lane we are doubly determined to ensure the memorial is repaired and maintained”.




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