Greysteel 20 years on: Families deserve truth, says MLA



East Londonderry MLA John Dallat last night said that “the people of Greysteel who have protected their dead through a dignified silence, still deserve the truth about what happened”.

Mr Dallat, who has been in contact with many of the victims’ families privately for many years, said: “They are entitled to the level of justice that other families, who have publicly asked for it, have received.

“Anyone who lost a loved one during the Troubles desperately wants to know the truth. The people of Greysteel are entitled to know the truth as to why that massacre took place.

“They know the gang who carried out the murder were caught and that is a good example of good policemen.

“But it is my belief that at least one of the gang was never interviewed, and the people who masterminded the thing were never charged, although they may have been interviewed.”

Mr Dallat said he believed that the Co Londonderry massacre was “a watershed in the sense that a lot of good people realised they couldn’t sit on the fence”.

“So they put their energies into bringing about what happened five years later – the Belfast Agreement.”

He said he believed the 20th anniversary Mass and inter-denominational service “will be extremely difficult for victims’ families”.

“There was one after 10 years, but I think for some reason 20 years on will be poignant. Hopefully the younger generation who are perhaps learning about this for the first time will realise the terrible mistakes of the past when young men who should have been growing up in normal lives were dragged into paramilitaries on either side.”




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