In pictures: Loyalists protest as MP George Galloway takes the stage in Belfast

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Around 250 loyalist protesters gathered outside the Ulster Hall in Belfast on Saturday night, as MP George Galloway took part in a public speaking event.

The protesters carried Israeli flags, Union flags and placards, amongst other items.

As punters entered the venue to see the event billed as ‘Saturday Night with George Galloway’, protesters chanted and blew horns.

A heavy police presence restricted the protesters to on the opposite side of the road.

The event had attracted controversy after the Respect MP made comments urging people in Bradford to reject all Israeli goods, services, academics and tourists.

Earlier the staging of the event was opposed by unionist councillors in Belfast.

One of those in opposition to the event was DUP councillor Brian Kingston who said his party had asked for the event booking to be reviewed.

Mr Kingston said DUP councillors were also seeking advice from the police on the potential for incitement to hatred in relation to Mr Galloway’s comments.




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