‘IRA hero Collins may have been gay’

David Norris

David Norris

INFAMOUS historic republican leader Michael Collins may have been a homosexual, a key figure in the Republic has claimed.

Irish Senator and gay rights activist David Norris, who ran for election to be the president of the Republic, made the claim in his autobiography.

Mr Collins took part in the Easter Rising before going on to lead the IRA during the War of Independence.

He was murdered by a republican rival in 1922 during the Irish civil war that followed its independence.

Mr Norris writes in his autobiography ‘A Kick Against the Pricks’ about an incident where he claims he spoke to an elderly man once who said he had been “one of Mr Collins’ principal boyfriends”.

It is also widely believed that Easter Rising leader Patrick Pearse and gun-runner Roger Casement were both gay.

Mr Norris also claimed that certain republican circles were very uncomfortable about the allegations.

“If Michael Collins was gay or bisexual – so what? Who cares? It shouldn’t matter as it is just a neutral fact,” he writes.

“It certainly isn’t a slur, and the vast majority of the Irish people no longer regard it as such.”

Mr Norris helped set up the Irish Gay Rights Movement in 1974 and also took a case to Europe to overturn the criminalisation of homosexual acts in 1988.

A Sinn Fein spokesman dismissed the claim that republicans would be uncomfortable with any key figures being gay.

“Speculating on what was some historical person’s sexuality is the stuff of the tabloid media,” a spokesman said.


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