Jamie Bryson expects arrest after releasing tapes

Jamie Bryson, pictured at a flag protest in Belfast in January 2013.

Jamie Bryson, pictured at a flag protest in Belfast in January 2013.

Jamie Bryson has said he “fully expects” police to attempt to arrest him after he posted a series of recordings from interview tapes during his questioning over alleged offences during the flag protests earlier this year.

The loyalist from Donaghadee made the recordings available online on Tuesday and said the overwhelming response to them had been “sheer amazement at the incompetency of the PSNI plus shock at the political emphasis”.

The recordings feature police questioning Mr Bryson over his involvement in protests in January.

Yesterday, he told the News Letter the police were “desperately trying” to remove the audio recordings.

However, it is understood this is not the case.

“I fully expect police to come and try and find some way to try and arrest me, but I have been informed by top QCs that this is not a criminal offence,” he said.

Reacting to the recordings on Twitter comedian Jake O’Kane said “Agree or disagree with him @JamieBrysonCPNI makes a very valid point in this police interview”.

The interview referred to hears Mr Bryson claiming he met with Assistant Chief Constable Alan McCrum and others who asked him to encourage people to walk home a certain route after a protest but then later issued a warrant for his arrest “for these alleged offences that aren’t even offences”.

A police spokesman said the PSNI is aware of the audio recordings and the contents are “receiving attention”.

Mr Bryson still faces four counts of participating in an un-notified public procession and obstructing traffic on the city’s Newtownards Road in January.

Two other charges, alleging that he had encouraged or assisted offences by addressing public gatherings, were dropped last month.

Until mid-November Mr Bryson had been subject to bail conditions preventing him from using social media or giving interviews to the press. He was released in March after spending almost a month in prison.




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