Peter Robinson: McConville family are ‘the real victims’

Jean McConville

Jean McConville


The First Minister is arranging to meet the son of Jean McConville following the release from custody of Gerry Adams without charge.

Peter Robinson said it was important to remember that the “real victims” are the McConville family – not the republicans being asked questions about the mother-of-ten’s brutal abduction and killing in 1972.

The Sinn Fein president, who denies any involvement, was arrested last Wednesday and faced four days of questioning before being released on Sunday. A file has been sent to the Public Prosecution Service for consideration.

Mr Robinson said it was important that no one in Northern Ireland should feel they are above the law, and that no one should feel they will never see justice done.

“I plan to meet Michael in the coming days and discuss how I can be of any help to him and the wider McConville family,” said the DUP leader.

“The PSNI decision to arrest Adams has sent out a clear message – that no one is above the law. In recent days, some have expressed a desire to draw a line under the past. I disagree. Victims should always have access to justice and criminals should always fear justice will catch up with them,” Mr Robinson added.

The Sinn Fein leader has questioned the timing of his detention and said police had unnecessarily used “coercive” legislation to detain him.

Michael McConville’s sister, Helen McKendry, said her family was considering launching a civil court action. She told Channel 4 News: “I want the people who dragged my mother from her home, tortured her, killed her, buried her, I want them brought in a court of law.

“Justice – that’s all I want for my mother.”




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