Police praise marchers and protesters after Whiterock Parade passes off peacefully



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Police have praised the Whiterock Parade, which passed off without significant incident.

District Commander Chief Superintendent Nigel Grimshaw said: “Whilst a significant policing operation was in place to ensure the event passed off peacefully I want to commend and thank those involved with the parade and those involved in protest for their efforts in ensuring the day was a success.”

Whiterock Parade passes without major incident on Saturday
Whiterock Parade passes without major incident on Saturday

He added: “Police are investigating one minor incident when a member of the public attempted to walk through the procession on the Springfield Road, however this did not detract from the good work by all involved in managing the events of the day.

“Looking forward, I continue to encourage those with influence and responsibility in any future parades and protests to work together with the police to ensure that the end result is as positive and peaceful as we have witnessed over recent weeks.

William Cudworth, a TUV North Down councillor, said that “although nationalists walked through the ranks of orangemen while walking on the Springfield road, my fellow Orangemen remained clam and were not intimidated by these nationalist bigots”.

He added: “They also informed the PSNI that their actions were a breach of the peace and also a breach of the parades commissions ruling.”


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