PSNI pledge to quash ‘evil’ as funeral-goers among those forced out by bomb

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Overseas visitors who had come to Londonderry to attend a funeral were among those forced out of a hotel in the city when an “IRA” bomb detonated there.

The city’s PSNI chief has said he and his force are dedicated to “root out the evil” that is plaguing the city after it suffered its latest dissident republican attack last night at the Everglades Hotel.

PSNI G District Commander Stephen Cargin told the Derry Journal at a press conference: “A hooded masked man ran into the hotel the Everglades here. He left a hold-all on the reception desk, said he was from the IRA and he gave a 40-minute warning for the residents to get out”.

The hotel had been due to host a PSNI conference next week – offering a possible clue as to why it was targeted.

Dozens of hotel residents had to be evacuated in the incident, which engulfed the lobby in flames.

Guests were evacuated and no-one was injured in the blast.

Among those at the hotel were a large family group from Africa and England who had come to the city for a funeral.


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