Sabotage campaign at Quinn’s business is ‘moronic’

The burnt-out oil tanker at the offices of the Aventas group, Ballyconnell.

The burnt-out oil tanker at the offices of the Aventas group, Ballyconnell.


The rebranded Quinn Group in Co Fermanagh has condemned a “continuing campaign of sabotage” after a stolen fuel truck was rammed into its headquarters and set alight.

The PSNI said they are investigating an incident at commercial premises in the Ballyconnell Road area of Derrylin on Wednesday evening.

At around 11pm it was reported that a fuel tanker had been reversed into the front of the building and the cab set alight, police said.

The fuel tanker was later reported as stolen from a nearby property in Derrylin.

The PSNI said firefighters extinguished the blaze before it could spread to the building.

Aventas group, which took over the Quinn group, said in a statement that “two individuals drove through the bollards at our headquarter buildings in Derrylin in a locally-owned oil tanker, reversed it three times into the doors of one of the buildings, set the cab of the tanker alight and fled in a car driven by a third individual”.

The statement continued: “Thankfully no one was injured and the building did not catch fire. The tanker fire was put out by the local fire brigade.

“We are very grateful to the PSNI for their prompt response and to the local fire brigade especially given the ever present danger of a tanker explosion.

“Notwithstanding this moronic attempt to disrupt our business our contingency plans were activated immediately and all our businesses and services are operating as normal this morning.

“This latest incident is part of a continuing campaign of sabotage, intimidation and vilification against this company and certain of its employees.

“We are aware that all of these criminal activities are orchestrated by a minority group.

“These people have a concerted agenda to undermine and destabilise our business with their own misguided and self-interested agenda in mind.

“Despite the ‘concerns’ regularly expressed by some of these people they have no regard for the impact such activities could have on our employees’ jobs and on the local economy which is so dependent on our businesses.

“Our group changed ownership nearly three years ago. With the continued support of our employees, we continue to face down this misguided minority with resolute determination.”

A spokeswoman for the Fire and Rescue Service said three appliances tackled the blaze.

“The tanker was well alight on arrival,” she added.




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