The Sheriffs of Ireland are announced

News Letter 275

News Letter 275

Dublin, December 9

A List of the Sheriffs appointed by the Excellencies the Lords Justices for the ensuing Year.

Antrim. Hercule Langford Rowly, Esq;

Armagh. Roger Hall of Mulloglass, Esq;

Catherlough. William Warren, Esq;

Cavan/Clare. Augustin Fitz Gerald of Silver Grove, Esq;

Corke. Thomas Evans of Milltown, Esq;

Donnegall. William Jenkins, Esq;

Down/ Dublin. Chichester Fortescue of Drumiskin, Esq;

Fermanagh. Nicholas Loftus Hume, of Castle Hume, Esq;

Galway/Kerry. William Blenerhasset of Ballylarty, Esqu;

Kildare. William Archbold, of Davidtown, Esq;

Kilkenny. Charles Sandford of Sandford’s Court, Esq;

King’s County. Laurence Parsons of Loreto, Esq;

Leitrim/Limerick. Hugh Masey of Lisard, Esq;

Longford. Thomas Newcowen of Druming, Esq;

Lowth. Thomas Tennison of Thomastown, Esq;

Mayo. Anthony Ormsby of Ballynamore, Esq;

Meath. Thomas Loftus of Kilyan, Esq;

Monaghan/Queen’s Co. Wm. Despard of Coolrowan, Esq;

Roscommon/Sligoe/Tipperary David Butler of Carrinlee,Esq;

Tyrone. Oliver McCausland of Strabane, Esq;

Waterford. Richard Smith of Ballynetera, Esq;

Westmeath. Ebenezer Law of Newtown, Esq;

Wexford/Wicklow. James Griffith Carroll of Donard, Esq;

[The Sheriff, one for every country, was representative for the king. The power of the Crown was arguably at its height in Ireland in this period. According to the historian Jonathan Bardon, the sheriff had considerable powers of arrest, demanding that the king’s laws be enforced]




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