US ‘annoyed’ at claim it helped capture IRA arms shipment

Files released at the Public Records Office in Belfast

Files released at the Public Records Office in Belfast

A secret memo, dated October 8 1984, from CR Budd, private secretary in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, to Charles Powell in Downing Street, referred to the capture of an IRA shipment by the Irish Navy.

The note appears to refer to the capture of weaponry on the Marita Ann trawler that year.

Mr Budd said: “My letter of October 1 proposing a Prime Ministerial message to Dr FitzGerald was I fear in one respect inaccurate: it was misleading in that it repeated inaccurate press reports stating that the United States authorities were involved in this action.

“I am writing now to say that we have since been told by the Security Services that the Americans were not involved at any stage, and indeed are rather annoyed at the press specultation that they were.”




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