Very chilly month saw coldest August night in history

Armagh observatory

Armagh observatory

One key weather station in the Province has recorded the coldest August in two decades.

In particular, the Armagh Observatory reported that the night of August 23 and 24 was the coldest since records began in 1843, with air temperature plunging to 2C.

Overall, with an average temperature of 14.2C, last month was the coldest August at the station since 1994.

It was also much wetter than average, with nearly 70 percent more rainfall than the 30-year average for the month.

Despite the cool, wet weather, there were just under 152 hours of strong sunshine during the month – nearly 14 percent more than the 30-year average.

Perhaps ironically, given that it was soon followed by the coldest August night in history, the sunniest day was August 22, with 10.9 hours recorded.

Taking summer as a whole, the observatory said it has been slightly warmer than average at Armagh, coming in at around 0.23C warmer than the 30-year average.

It was also slightly wetter and sunnier than in recent years.




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