Victims’ group’s ‘covenant’ plan wins TUV backing

TUV leader Jim Allister

TUV leader Jim Allister

The TUV has become the first political party to publicly back a covenant designed to protect the rights of terrorism victims.

Drafted by Innocent Victims United (IVU), the document demands that victim-makers are no longer equated with those they killed or maimed, that there should be no amnesty for terrorists, and that the glorification of terrorist acts should be outlawed.

Commenting on the ‘Covenant For Innocent Victims and Survivors of Terrorism’, TUV leader Jim Allister said: “I believe that all public representatives should study its contents carefully, especially given the comments of some in relation to immunity.

“As the covenant observes: ‘Murder is a crime and must be dealt with accordingly’. There should be no suggestion that terrorist murder is somehow different from ‘ordinary’ murder.”

Mr Allister added: “And of course the ever present demand of innocent victims to address the perverse definition of victim is an issue which needs urgent attention.”

It is understood the main unionist parties have expressed their support for the covenant without making public comment.

Kenny Donaldson of IVU described recent comments by First Minister Peter Robinson – on proposals which would grant immunity for pre-1998 Troubles-related offences – as “concerning”.

He said: “IVU has been vindicated in our original view that the Attorney General was the ‘kite flyer’ for a follow-up proposal which would promote a principle and process of immunity from prosecution for those guilty of the heinous crime of murder.”




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