Video: Second day of questioning for Gerry Adams

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Camera crews and journalists gathered outside Antrim police station awaiting an update on the status of one of the most high profile politicians to be arrested in relation to one of the most notorious murder of the Troubles.

Gerry Adams had presented himself to police at the station on Wednesday evening, having said last month that he would be available to meet the PSNI about the killing of Jean McConville.

Rumour and speculation both about Mr Adams’ connection to the IRA and any involvement in the ‘disappearing’ of the mother-of-10 has existed for quite some time.

In 2008 after the death of former IRA man Brendan Hughes, an interview was published in which he claimed Mr Adams had been a senior leader in the IRA and, further, that he had ordered the widow’s murder.

Speaking shortly before his arrest on Wednesday the Sinn Fein President continued to deny any involvement in the abduction and killing.

And while he said he had never “disassociated” himself from the IRA, he continued to deny membership of the organisation.

News of the arrest made headlines around the world, from the New York Times, to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Late in the morning a tweet was sent from Mr Adams’ account with a link to a comment piece on Irish-American website entitled ‘Why Gerry Adams arrest is a farce and one-sided justice’.

As journalists stationed themselves in Antrim on a wet, grey Thursday, Gerry Adams continued to face questions from police over one of the most infamous killings of the Troubles.




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