Video: Victims Commissioner’s fears over flag violence trauma

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THE VICTIMS Commissioner for Northern Ireland Kathryn Stone has expressed fears that the violence linked to the ongoing flag protests has traumatised victims of the Troubles.

In an interview with the News Letter website, Ms Stone said she had not received any comments from victims over the perceived one-sided approach to investigations into Troubles related deaths.

The Commissioner, who was appointed by the First and Deputy First Minister last September was speaking ahead of a live webchat with the News Letter, which you can read here.

She said: “I have been concerned about the prospect of people who the Commission have been working with, being traumatised by what they see in the flag demonstrations and the protestors, the armoured landrovers and the petrol bombs and so on.

“People are very very concerned that this has taken them back to experiences that they had when they suffered serious injuries or bereavement.

“I think we need to be very sensitive for the potential of these disturbances to re-traumatise people.”




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