YOUR SAY: Make your opinion known on flag decision

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There has been much outcry and condemnation of the decision to remove the Union Flag from Belfast City Hall but for designated days.

What is your view of the situation? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

On Facebook today a number of people got in touch to express their sadness and disgust at the decision to fly the flag on a handful of days each year.

Marc Irvine said the decision was “disgraceful”, and criticised Alliance. “Shame on Alliance for once again pandering to republicans in their quest to eradicate all vestiges of British identity from Northern Ireland,” he added.

Serena Hamilton said people should be ashamed at taking such a vote.

Alison Annett said: “Our forefathers, family and friends died for the freedom to fly our country’s flag. Thoroughly heartbroken with the decision.”

Let us know what you think with your comments below.

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