Robinson household was source of sleaze, claims Baroness

Eamonn Mallie, Ian Paisley and Baroness Paisley
Eamonn Mallie, Ian Paisley and Baroness Paisley

The Robinson household was a source of sleaze, Baroness Paisley claims in tonight’s interview.

Referring to allegations from six years ago against her son Ian Paisley Jnr, concerning his links to a property developer, she said: “Ian’s name was cleared by the authorities in Stormont, everything that was said against him was proved to be false and he never brought any sleaze.

“His wife didn’t do anything wrong; he didn’t do anything wrong. There was nothing morally wrong with his character or his life.”

Then, in comments which are likely to cause particular fury for Mr Robinson and his family, Baroness Paisley said: “And we know eventually where the sleaze did come from. It came in the home of the man who is now leader himself, Peter Robinson; it came from his family, not from the Paisley family.”

That appears to be a clear reference to the revelation in 2010 that Peter Robinson’s wife, Iris, had been having an affair with a teenager.

Mrs Robinson, who was then an MP, was treated for depression and is now rarely seen on public occasions.