Science is put on the menu

FOODIES are everywhere these days, telling us what to eat, how to prepare it and what latest poison it contains – but now a homegrown telly chef is letting children know just how much fun food can be.

Good-food ambassador and chef Jenny Bristow is leading an initiative for young people in conjunction with local centre for science, W5 at Belfast’s Odyssey, tomorrow.

The project, Cooking for Fun, links the world of science with healthy eating and the chef will run masterclasses on the underlying physical process of cooking.

Sally Montgomery, chief executive of W5, said that on top of the frightening rise in obesity among children many more were simply not getting enough nutrients like iron, calcium and vitamins.

“The Cooking for Fun workshop at W5 will show that cooking food together can make a big difference,” she said.

The event is free so to book your place contact W5 on 028 90 467 700.