Scots independence ‘would get republican tails up’ - Paisley Junior

Ian Paisley Junior
Ian Paisley Junior

A vote for Scottish independence would drive a “wedge into the hearts and souls” of Northern Ireland, one of its MPs claimed on Thursday.

Speaking against a yes vote on September 18, Democratic Unionist MP Ian Paisley said a vote for independence in Scotland would ensure further division in Northern Ireland.

Addressing Sir Gerald Howarth who had been speaking against separation during a debate on Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom, he said: “Do you agree with me that the unnerving and unsettling effect that a division in this wonderful union would have is that it would get the tails up of Irish republicans in my part of the kingdom, and would drive another wedge into the hearts and souls of people in Ulster?”

Sir Gerald replied: “Of course you are absolutely right to make that analogy,and to point to the consequences - the unforeseen consequences - to which the Scottish National Party does not wish to draw attention.”