SDLP: McGuinness’ threat to withdraw support for PSNI ‘incredibly ill-judged’

Dolores Kelly
Dolores Kelly

Martin McGuinness’ threat to withdraw support from the PSNI is “incredibly ill-judged”, said the SDLP.

A statement from MLA Dolores Kelly, the party’s policing spokeswoman, said the SDLP had campaigned for the Patten reforms of the police so that officers were not subject to political interference.

“Sinn Fein belatedly accepted these reforms,” she said.

“So it is incredibly ill-judged that Martin McGuinness would now make such comments, which are clearly in contravention of both the word and the spirit of the Patten reforms.

“The SDLP and other parties worked long and hard to secure a new beginning to policing. To ensure that all of our people had an open, transparent and impartial police force who met the needs of the community”.

With the investigation into the McConville killing still ongoing, she said it was “only right that the PSNI pursue every lead and question everyone who needs to be questioned.

“For Sinn Féin to threaten to withdraw support from the PSNI because an investigation is not going the way they want it completely unacceptable.

“In all of this our thoughts must remain with the McConville family. Their resilience, determination and bravery are an inspiration to other victims and survivors.

“They deserve the truth and everyone and anyone with any relevant information should be giving it to the PSNI in order to bring the McConville family the truth and justice they, like all victims, deserve”.