Senior Catholic cleric calls for Ulster politicians to sustain Haass talks momentum

Politicians carry documents during the Haass negotations.
Politicians carry documents during the Haass negotations.

A senior Catholic clergyman has called for Ulster’s politicians to work towards reaching consensus for the good of society.

Bishop John McAreavey today, speaking on Radio Ulster’s Sunday Sequence, further encouraged Ulster’s politicians to sustain the momentum initiated through the talks.

He said: “In a divided society, you don’t ever get your own vision translated perfectly into action.

“If we were ultimately to fail in this process to reach consensus, I think it would be very serious for us and for our whole society, for our young people and for everyone who’s trying to work for a better society.”

Negotiations, chaired by former US diplomat Richard Haass, ended on New Year’s Eve without agreement.

Yesterday Sinn Fein’s ruling executive formally backed the Haass proposals.