Shankill Butcher death inquiry

SHANKILL Butcher William Moore has died of a suspected heart attack, it emerged today.

The 60-year-old serial killer, involved in at least 19 murders in Belfast in the 1970s, was found at his home in west Belfast last night.


He was due to be questioned by cold-case detectives probing the murder of a west Belfast man in 1974 - one year before the Shankill Butchers began their orgy of violence.

His body was discovered in his flat at the loyalist Mount Vernon estate.

Police said authorities were called at 7.45am.

They confirmed it was not thought to be suspicious.


The notorious Shankill BUtchers rampage came to an end after they were identified by the only person who managed to escape them alive - Gerard McLaverty.

Ringleader Moore, a butcher by trade, had supplied knives used by the UVF to mutilate their victims.


During his trial the court heard he committed throat cuttings himself, and encouraged the gang to torture victims.

He was released from prison in 1998 under the Good Friday Agreement, was given 11 life sentences and served 19 years in prison.

Moore and the rest of the gang were handed a total of 42 life sentences - the most ever given in a single trial in British criminal history.