Sinn Fein deputy mayor in Craigavon for first time

Craigavon Civic Centre
Craigavon Civic Centre

A Sinn Fein member took one of the top posts on Craigavon Council for the first time in the borough’s history on Tuesday.

Outgoing UUP Deputy Mayor Colin McCusker was appointed to the Mayor’s post, while Sinn Fein’s Catherine Seeley was appointed to the Deputy Mayor’s position.

The move prompted a tough reaction from the DUP, who said that UUP members’ votes had helped Sinn Fein get in, rather than their DUP contender.

Commenting on Facebook, outgoing DUP Mayor Mark Baxter said: “So much for unionist unity! Voting against our candidate to allow Sinn Fein in”.

The DUP said in a statement that night: “Unionists want to see their politicians working together. This is an example where the UUP sided with republicans rather than their unionist colleagues”.

Sinn Fein meanwhile welcomed the move, with its leader on the council saying “we are now beginning to see a more mature politic beginning to emerge in Craigavon Council”.

Sinn Fein’s Gemma McKenna said in a statement: “While I welcome the fact that Catherine was elected with the help of unionists’ votes I would like to see the full implementation of the d’Hondt principles of power sharing”.