The celeb approach to staying well

Carol Vorderman
Carol Vorderman

Celebrities, with their busy lives and no time for illness, give their tips for staying well.


“I give my system a rest and adjust my diet for a month at the start of spring,” says Lulu, the 64-year-old singer who’s launched a range of glasses for Specsavers.

“Instead of fasting, which I don’t agree with, I simply cut down on carbs and red meat and focus on fish, chicken, vegetables and lots of salads.

“Most importantly, I enhance every meal with handfuls of freshly chopped herbs, such as basil, mint, coriander and parsley, which make everything taste and smell delicious.”

“Also, this is the perfect time to ensure you’re up to date on all those routine health checks so you go into the year without any niggly worries.

“I’m conscientious about pilates and dance classes. It’s vital to keep moving as it helps you stay fit and feel younger!”

HEALTH BOOSTER: Lulu takes a range of supplements every other month, and Chinese herbs to help balance her hormones.

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“As an athlete, I’m always watching my diet and spring’s no exception.

“I stay away from carbs apart from at lunchtime because you’re generally active during the day and can burn them off,” says Olympic gymnast and winner of Strictly Come Dancing Louis Smith, 23, who’s supporting the launch of a new yogurt, Danio.

“I’ll have a light meal in the evening with white meat but I rarely eat later than 6pm.

“I’ve found the perfect snacking solution, Danio, which is low fat but packed with protein and staves off mid-morning hunger pangs after my breakfast of fibre, fruit and oats.”

HEALTH BOOSTER: Smith takes Berocca for his immune system, and vitamin D and cod liver oil tablets for bone and joint health.

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“At the start of every spring, I treat myself to a spa day with my mum and my sister. We have a massage, a swim, and just totally relax and focus on what we need to do to prepare for summer,” says former EastEnders star Kara Tointon.

“I’m addressing my winter skin currently. I suffer from dry skin and it started peeling, so now I’m slathering on moisturiser and paying particularly attention to my hands, which get quite sore and cracked as I rarely wear gloves.

“I’m also broadening my diet to include more salads and vegetables, and upping my intake of water. I can’t give up my daily portion of chocolate, though - it’s vital for my wellbeing!

HEALTH BOOSTER: Tointon takes Better You Vitamin D spray, £7.29, Holland & Barrett, and fruit and vegetable supplement Juice Plus. (

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“Lighter mornings and better weather mean it’s getting easier to take longer ‘power walks’ with my rescue dog, Humphrey - that’s the best tonic for me at this time of year,” says Michelle Collins, 50, who plays Rovers landlady Stella Price in ITV’s Coronation Street.

“Exercise helps relax me mentally as I’m a bit of a live wire and can get quite stressed. Pilates is brilliant for toning and yoga’s great for winding down. I work long hours on set but there’s a gym for the cast, so I get on the running machines.”

HEALTH BOOSTER: Collins limits her dairy intake and drinks soya milk and takes vitamin C, zinc, soya and fish oil supplements.


“This is a great time to get outdoors and exercise. I’m regularly doing 3km-5km runs in the woods near my house.

“Stella and Mr Jonty, my two doberman dogs, are my training partners and help motivate me when I’m tired,” says Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton, 32, an ambassador for dog food brand Eukanuba.

“I was never allowed to run when I was competing as a cyclist because of the risk of injury, so now I’m making up for lost time.”

HEALTH BOOSTER: Pendleton relies on a balanced healthy diet including organic food.

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“I try to hit the gym five times a week, and watch the size of my food portions,” says ex-Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt, who’s a judge on Sky1’s Got To Dance.

“I’m pretty energetic all the time, and if I have a performance coming up on Got To Dance, then I’ll rehearse eight hours a day, so I burn off calories easily. I’m normally between a size six and eight.

“I use Yu-Be, a Japanese skincare range, which has helped bring my skin back to life.

“It’s had to adjust to my coming to London and dealing with the cold after years of living in the hot sun of Los Angeles.”

HEALTH BOOSTER: Wyatt recommends drinking vitamin-packed juices as an easy source of nutrients, and starts the day with carrot or orange juice.

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“Getting out in the garden is mentally fabulous for you and helps your health and wellbeing all in one go,” says celebrity gardener Charlie Dimmock.

“Even just half an hour raking up the leaves, hoeing or digging over flower borders is great cardiovascular exercise. Being outside, away from the central heating, is invigorating.”

HEALTH BOOSTER: Dimmock uses Nelsons Calendula Cream, to nourish and protect her hands. It is £6.99 for a 50g tube, available from Boots, Holland & Barrett, pharmacies and health food stores.


“After a long winter and all this dreary weather, I know I’m not alone in needing a spring pick-me-up,” says Lisa Maxwell, actress and presenter on ITV’s Loose Women.

“Juggling a full-time job, constantly being in the public eye, let alone looking after my teenage daughter and renovating my 17th-century home, can be pretty stressful.

“I take Vitano, a natural remedy containing an extract of Rhodiola rosea, which can help relieve symptoms of stress, such as fatigue and exhaustion. Since taking it, I’ve really noticed the difference in my vitality and I feel calmer and can concentrate better.”

HEALTH BOOSTER: Vitano, contains 200mg of Rhodiola rosea root extract, and is £13.99 for 30 tablets, available from Boots, pharmacies and health food stores. For more information, visit


“I feel utterly cleansed and replenished having done The Lemon Detox,” says actress Anna Friel, 36.

She followed the three-day fast on a hotel break, followed by a more moderate home programme which includes eating healthy food.

“Since I completed the three days, I care more than ever about what goes into my body, and reduced my coffee intake.”

HEALTH BOOSTER: Friel uses an indoor water-powered rowing machine several times a week and is a fan of running and Pilates.

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“I always start the year with a detox so I’m off on the right foot with my health and I make sure I take care of myself throughout the year,” says Carol Vorderman, 52, presenter on ITV’s Food Glorious Food.

“I never calorie count, I just try to eat a balanced diet which includes lots of salads, brown rice and vegetable curries. I allow myself treats when I eat out, life shouldn’t be about saying ‘no’ all the time.”

She’s hoping to gain her pilot’s licence by Easter, and says: “I love spring because I enjoy walking and being outdoors, and as flying is my new passion, hopefully better weather will mean I can enjoy that more.”

HEALTH BOOSTER: Vorderman takes health supplement Bioglan Super Fish Oil, £16.99 for 60 capsules, available from Boots.

“It helps support your heart, brain and eye health, and is a simple, effective way to help keep your body in good health, inside and out,” she says.


“I take natural iron supplements to help give me a spring in my step and boost my energy levels,” says former model Nell McAndrew, 39, who’s expecting her second baby in March. She and her husband, Paul Hardcastle, have a six-year-old son, Devon.

She jogged until she was seven months pregnant and is maintaining her fitness levels by lifting light weights.

“I first discovered the benefits of Spatone when I increased my exercise regime and started running marathons. My body then needed a higher level of iron which I couldn’t achieve in my diet alone.”

HEALTH BOOSTER: McAndrew starts her day with hot water with fresh lemon juice to cleanse her system, and eats plenty of protein.

“I make scrambled eggs with one egg yolk and four or five whites, with baked beans on wholemeal toast.”

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“Looking after my skin is a top priority and important as summer approaches,” says Myleene Klass, 34.

She uses SteamCream, an all-in-one natural moisturiser for the face and body.

“I use it everyday, everywhere, as it’s easily absorbed and luxurious and I like the lavender fragrance.”

HEALTH BOOSTER: Klass takes fish oils to help her joints because after the birth of her second daughter, Hero, she suffered agonising back pain caused by the pregnancy.

“The sacroiliac joints at the very bottom of my back had moved and became really painful. I saw a physiotherapist who gave me exercises to release the joints that had become overly taut. I also started taking fish oils to protect them too.”

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