Trade union in Marian Price row

Marian Price
Marian Price

Some members of trade union NIPSA have expressed concern about a motion coming before its annual conference which calls for the release of convicted IRA bomber Marian Price, it is claimed.

UUP MLA Ross Hussey said he has been contacted by a number of NIPSA members who are “deeply unhappy” that the motion will come before the conference this month.

Price is currently in ill health, but facing charges of supplying a mobile phone for terrorism and of aiding a meeting in support of an illegal organisation.

The secretary of state revoked her release from prison on licence in 2011. She was convicted of the IRA Old Bailey bombing in 1973.

Mr Hussey said: “This type of motion can only cause division and is the last thing which NIPSA needs.” He added that Price was released from prison previously “on the clear understanding she was out on licence” but that she “chose to appear in public” at a dissident republican event.

But NIPSA president Patrick Mulligan said union branches are free to put forward motions “but the outcome will be determined by members’ votes at conference”. There are also motions this year calling for opposition to paramilitary activity. NIPSA opposes all violence, he added.

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