Tragic anglers’ boat located at Lough Ree

Daryl Burke
Daryl Burke

The boat in which three Co Armagh anglers were travelling when it capsized almost two weeks ago in the Republic has been found.

The search operation to find missing Portadown father Daryl Burke will continue on Tuesday, with rescuers at Lough Ree saying the discovery of the boat’s location is a highly significant one.

Twenty-seven year-old David Warnock from Richhill was rescued after the boat overturned in a sudden squall in the Westmeath Lough on March 20. He died a few hours later in hospital.

John Trimble, 60, is recovering from his injuries and even joined the search teams last week at the site.

Sean McCarry from the Northern Ireland Community Rescue Service said the sonar equipment they use was vital in locating the boat at around 7.30pm on Monday.

“We have located the boat with pinpoint accuracy and put a marker at the spot. The Garda divers will be going out his morning,” he told the News Letter. “The boat will not be touched until we find Daryl.”