UKIP calls on Sinn Fein to drop claim Northern Ireland is an occupied territory

Ukip MLA David McNarry
Ukip MLA David McNarry

Martin McGuinness should now drop Sinn Fein’s “absurd suggestion that Northern Ireland is an occupied territory”, UKIP’s sole Northern Ireland MLA has said.

David McNarry said that after the Deputy First Minister stood for the National Anthem in London, he would be watching to see if he would do likewise in Northern Ireland.

He said: “In his own self-styled world from terrorist to Deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness may think he has come a long way. Not for a moment do I accept he has travelled far enough.”

The former Ulster Unionist veteran said that Mr McGuinness had attempted to “upstage President Higgins’ visit” but that the Deputy First Minister had “dropped his guard in his charm offensive when saying ‘she is not my Queen’.

“He simply cannot embrace our Britishness and his platitudes on reconciliation have clearly no meaning. We all will want to see where he stands for the British National Anthem when back in Northern Ireland.”

The Strangford Assemblyman accused Sinn Fein of engaging in a “sickening” and “phoney...flaunting [of] what they claim to be a peace process”.

He added: “What kind of process is it when SF refuse to apologise for waging murderous attacks without mercy on innocent people? What kind of process is it when they can’t show respect for our country by calling it Northern Ireland, yet they pretend to genuinely have toasted the Queen?

“Will they now drop their absurd assertion that Northern Ireland is an occupied territory?”