Union Flag to be flown at City Hall for Thatcher’s funeral

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The Union Flag will be flown at half mast from Belfast City Hall next Wednesday to mark the funeral of Baroness Thatcher

Alderman William Humphrey MLA said he and his party colleague Alderman Gavin Robinson, raised the issue with the Chief Executive of the Council.

“I warmly welcome that it has now been confirmed that the Union Flag will be flown from City Hall next Wednesday to mark the occasion of Baroness Thatcher’s funeral,” said Mr Humphrey.

“It is entirely fitting and appropriate for our national flag to be flown as a sign of respect for a woman widely regarded as the greatest peacetime Prime Minister of our country over the past century. Whilst views of her premiership will continue to be debated there is no doubt that the vast majority of our citizens would wish that due recognition and respect should be paid to mark her passing.

“I welcome that City Hall will take its place among other Government buildings in flying the Flag at half mast for the funeral of this prominent former Prime Minister.”

The DUP councillor added: “I regret that I must express disgust that some people have chosen to take part in obscene public scenes of celebration at the passing of Lady Thatcher.

“This is entirely inappropriate, displays a lack of Christian grace and is disrespectful as her family are grieving for their loss. I call for an end to such scenes and for clear condemnation of such actions from across the political spectrum.”

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