Unionist leaders should sue over McGuinness’ claims about UVF-Orange links, says Allister

TUV leader Jim Allister
TUV leader Jim Allister

The attempt by former IRA commander Martin McGuinness to link the Orange Order with the paramilitary UVF “takes some beating”, Jim Allister has said.

The TUV leader described the Sinn Fein MLA as “the epitome of inextricable links between terror and politics”.

He added: “However, the fact he tries to validate his claim by asserting it is based on what ‘leaders of the mainstream unionist parties’ told him raises serious issues for them to deal with. If it is not true – and I am not suggesting for one moment that it is – then they need to take on McGuinness for this malicious falsehood.

“The leaders of ‘mainstream unionism’ are readily identifiable, so, writs against McGuinness should issue. Malicious falsehood is an available tort on which he should now be pursued by Peter Robinson and Mike Nesbitt,”

Mr Allister said that with the two top ministers now “vilifying each other”, it was time the “plug was pulled on the Stormont shambles”.