Use Euro poll to tell EU what you think of it, says McNarry

David McNarry
David McNarry

Next month’s European election should be used “to tell the EU what we think about it”, UKIP’s Northern Ireland leader has said.

David McNarry said that the DUP was wrong to say that the May 22 poll was not a referendum on EU membership.

Speaking last week, DUP candidate Diane Dodds said: “This election is not a referendum about our membership of the EU. The time for that debate will come and when it does the DUP will be to the fore of it in Northern Ireland. This election is about getting the best deal from Europe.”

However, Mr McNarry hit back: “People don’t need to wait until 2017 – let’s have a referendum right now by using the election to tell the EU what we think about it.

“My personal response to Peter [Robinson] – and I want to work with him on this – is that UKIP are leading the British people’s protests over staying in Europe by campaigning to get us out and return the power to govern ourselves.

“Why don’t you join UKIP in their campaign?”

Mr McNarry also questioned the DUP leader’s comment that he was “sad” to see so many pro-Union candidates, something Mr Robinson warned could split the vote.

Mr McNarry said that he also regretted how many pro-Union candidates there were but added: “Is it not a bit rich and late to wonder let alone criticise why?

“What was done to find compromise candidates, which will be necessary next year for the Westminster election? Look what happened to the Unionist Forum.”