UUP man’s ‘sadness’ as Sammy Wilson is ‘ostracised by DUP’

Sammy Wilson
Sammy Wilson

An Ulster Unionist MLA has expressed “sympathy” for DUP veteran Sammy Wilson, claiming that the former Finance Minister has been “ostracised” by his party.

In a sarcastic press release, North Antrim MLA Robin Swann said that he felt “sadness at the dismissive manner in which former Finance and Environment Minister Sammy Wilson is being treated by his colleagues in the DUP”.

Mr Swann said that it had been “very evident” in the Assembly on Monday that Mr Wilson was being excluded by colleagues, adding: “He has been typically outspoken on renewable energy since leaving office, making statements which completely contradict the policy of the Executive and [Arlene Foster].”

When Mrs Foster was asked by Mr Swann in the Assembly if she was surprised by Mr Wilson’s description of her target for 40 per cent renewable electricity as “impossible and economically destructive”, her “curt” reply was: “No, I was not surprised at all”, to what Mr Swann said was laughter from DUP MLAs.

A DUP spokesman said: “It is obviously a quiet day in the UUP if this is their top issue. Sammy is busy with important issues which actually matter to people. If the UUP focused on such issues they wouldn’t have as many members leaving and joining the DUP.”