Victims conference: IRA bomb survivor’s push for pensions


The Victims’ Commissioner is due to present her report to the First and Deputy First Minister next month.

A spokeswoman said it will include proposals for some kind of financial assistance for survivors, and yesterday’s gathering was about obtaining further details and ideas about this.

One survivor who is pushing the idea of such a scheme is Alex Bunting, who was 37 and living in north Belfast when he was the victim of a republican car bomb blast.

“Personally, from my perspective I’m looking at reparations,” he said yesterday.

“My big thing is a pension for those seriously injured in the Troubles, who live with their injuries every day.”

The former taxi driver lost his entire left leg when the booby-trap device detonated on October 21, 1991, with his right one suffering dreadful damage as well.

He was driving at the time, and a box of cash at his feet blew into his body as shrapnel when the explosion occurred underneath him.

“That day, I lost my business, my home, my life completely, and had no way of keeping my pension going,” he said. “I’m 60 years of age. I’m going to be left in five years’ time with very little.”